Windshield Repair

There is nothing more frustrating than hearing that all to familiar sound of a rock hitting the windshield. You immediately try to zero in on where the sound hit & see a rock chip that may or may not have started to splinter or create a spider mark on the windshield. Rock chips can take place any time of the year and with summer construction projects starting to take place, rock chip occurrences can increase.

It’s important to repair small chip marks immediately when they occur so they don’t spread and create an unrepairable crack.  Most people don't fix their rock chips because they think they won't damage the windshield. Rock chips lead to cracked windshields and this can affect your safety along with the integrity of the windshield. It is much more expensive to replace a windshield than to fix a rock chip! Because of that fact, most insurance companies will pay for a rock chip repair without affecting your premiums or any out of pocket expense.

At Gem Car Wash and Detail Center, we have trained technicians to help assess the damage to your windshield to determine if one or more of the chips on your windshield can be repaired. We’ll even call your insurance company with you to ensure you’re covered. The process is simple & fast, usually just 10 minutes. We inject a resin into the area that seals the crack & prevents future spreading.

Next time you’re in ask one of our service advisors for help and we’ll work with you on getting your rock chips repaired for free.

Posted by RHollingshead at 5/2/2018 7:52:00 PM
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