Water Reclamation

In December of 2016 & early 2017, Gem Car Wash, completely remodeled their car wash tunnel.

Included in the remodel is $38,000.00 reverse osmosis water reclamation system.  This system takes most of the solids & contaminants out of the wash cycle process, cycles it through 3 tanks resulting in 70% to 80% efficiency and reuse of the original fresh water.  In other words, for every 10 gallons of water used to wash a car, 7 to 8 gallons is cleaned, recycled & reused.

For vehicle washing, water is the primary means of rinsing the dirt, road grime, salt, and snow off the surface of the vehicle during the wash process. All soaps use water as the delivery medium from the chemical station out to the vehicle to assist in breaking up those contaminants. The higher the quality of water you use, the higher the quality wash you will deliver. Our reclaim system provides the right level of ph to ensure the correct proportion of acidity to alkalinity, resulting in a better wash & a cleaner car.

Plus with our automated and computerized soap & wax distribution system we can fine tune the amount dispensed to each vehicle so each car is cleaned properly with -0- waste.

According to the Western Car Wash Association, a typical tunnel car wash system uses roughly 17-18 gallons of water per car – which is in stark contrast to the average 100 gallons or more of water used in standard home car washes. Aside from repurposing valuable water, water reclamation systems used in car washes reduce disposal costs while helping to prevent detergents and other chemicals from polluting the environment.  

As everyone is aware the drought situation in California has brought to the forefront the importance of water, water use & water re-use or recycling. As proper environmental stewards, investing in a water reclamation system for an existing car wash such as ours was not mandated or required by the state. However, we felt it was necessary given the extreme level of drought the state has experienced over the past several years. California has now mandated water recovery for automatic and tunnel washes. On all new-construction carwash locations, sites must reclaim at least 50 percent of water used.

As we continue to grow & expand our operation over the years we will continue to look for ways to be more environmentally friendly. These types of investments are not only good for the environment but are good for business.

Posted by RHollingshead at 10/31/2018 7:15:00 PM
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