Want to do a fundraiser with Gem Car Wash? Download the word document below for more information and for the sign up form.

Fundraiser Form

How Our Fundraiser Program Works

1. The Organization Head (Responsible Party) can come by and pick up as many Fundraiser Packages as they need.

2. A standard Fundraiser Package consists of 25-$20 cards ($500.00 total inventory).

3. A standard Fundraiser Package is the perfect size for each member of the organization.

4. One standard Fundraiser Package can be received for each member of the organization.

5. When supplies are depleted, The Organization Head may come back and sign out more standard Fundraiser Packages as needed.

6. The Organization Head is responsible for all inventory received.

7. The Organization Head must show proof of affiliation as well as identification upon receiving the Fundraiser Package. The Manager will make a copy of these items and staple them to the form.

8. The Organization Head must sign the Fundraiser Program Set-up Form prior to receiving the Fundraiser Package.

9. A Fundraiser Program Set-up Form must be filled out for each package received.

10. Upon returning money and surplus inventory, the Fundraiser Set-up Form will be signed and completed.

11. A check for 40% of all cards sold will be issued in the name of the organization within 10 business days of receipt of the Fundraiser Package.

12. One copy of all forms must be made for The Organization Head, one copy for Manager files, and one copy for the Corporate Office.

13. The Corporate Office will not issue a check without one (1) of these forms for each Fundraiser Package accompanied by one (1) “Total Fundraiser Program Check Request Form”. 

14. The Corporate Office will not issue a check without a receipt for each register transaction for each Fundraiser Package returned. 

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